Welcome to Manav Jyot Public Charitable
    Trust,the trust was formed & registered on
    July 13, 1991,by Shri Kulin Champshi Luthia
    in association with Shri Rasiklal Nyalchand
    Doshi a businessman cum social worker &
    Shri Vallabhji Devji Shah, popularly known as
    “Manav Mitra”and a team of social workers.

    Since it began its momentous journey in 1991,
    it has been able to reach out to hundreds and
    and thousands of needy people through
    its various programmes on health,education,
    environment and assistance.

    On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the
   staff,we cordially invite you to visit "Manav Jyot"
    and learnmore about our endeavors and
    programmes which have empowered and
    transformed the lives ofthose we serve.




Manav Jyot